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Clinical Automation for Patients and Providers

Our Core AI combined with the virtual Beacon app supercharges your ability to deliver care like never before.

Save on PPE. Reduce exposure. Improve care.

Virtual Beacons

Beacons are interactive virtual messages sent between patients, providers, and our Core AI.
Our beacons empower healthcare providers to connect to patients virtually on-demand.
From virtual consults and pain reassessments to patient education and research surveys.

AI Automation

Precision Medicine Automated

EHR integration allows our Core AI to automate the delivery of beacons to patients the very moment they need them. Precision monitoring of patient specific flow, vital signs, and care delivery in real-time allows for segments of the patient journey to be augmented with automation. Reduce practice variation, add efficiency + capacity, and improve patient care at scale.

Virtual Care At Scale

Automated Pain Scale

Children are known to have pain under treated while in hospital. Nursing reassessments for pain can now be automated at scale via our Core AI and Beacon app. Ensure no matter how busy things get - no child suffers silently in pain.

Agility Built-In

On Demand, High Frequency Virtual Consults

Enhanced Patient Communication

Automated Patient Flow & Messaging


Core AI Dashboards

Visualize your Core AI in action. Build practical customizable boards to meet your provider needs. Build and host your machine learning models to power your AI dashboards. Set custom thresholds to automate alerts and push beacons to patients and providers.

Hero AI Marketplace

Your Dashboards.
Your Way.

Build and display your own machine learning models to power AI Dashboards. Support provided at every stage of the pipeline from build to deployment. We'll help commercialize the algorithms on your behalf, creating impact at scale with sustainability in mind.

Administrative Support

Real-Time Bed Board Management

Take the guesswork out of bed board management with real-time dashboards powered by our Core AI. Predict admissions and set thresholds to automate beacon notifications to activate census escalation policies, back-up calls, and more.

Meet the team

Dr. Devin Singh
Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Devin Singh is one of Canada's first physicians to specialize in clinical artificial intelligence (AI) and a practicing Pediatric Emergency Medicine Doctor at SickKids (the Hospital for Sick Children) in Toronto, Canada.

He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Western Ontario in medical sciences and went on to work for the Ontario Provincial Government. Afterward, he attended medical school at the University of Sydney, Australia, followed by a Pediatric residency and Emergency Medicine subspecialty training at SickKids Hospital. His fellowship in clinical AI was completed at SickKids and he is finishing a Master's in Computer Science Degree (2020) at the University of Toronto, Canada.

He is on the cutting edge of pediatric machine learning research with a focus on clinical automation.

Pouria Mashouri
Co-Founder & CTO

Pouria has worked in the world of tech for nearly a decade, with experience as a system administrator for high-performance compute environments in some of Canada's largest hospitals. He is also a full-stack web developer, security analyst, and machine learning specialist. His jack-of-all trades expertise allows him to create secure and scalable platforms.

He completed his Masters of Computer Science at the University of Toronto in 2019, with a specialization in applications of machine learning in the field of healthcare.

He is committed to creating global impact in the way healthcare is delivered through collaboration and AI.

Stephen Lu
Co-Founder, Director R&D

Stephen is our genius software developer who believes no problem is too big to solve. His ability to invent novel software solutions for the integration of AI and hardware technologies into clinical workflows has been essential towards the creation of our clinical care automation systems. Starting as a research student with our team, Stephen demonstrated that his approach to AI integration into healthcare is way ahead of the curve.

His academic focus specifically includes the development of machine learning deployment pipelines in pediatric medicine and has recently published work with researchers at SickKids Hospital in Toronto, Canada.

Jerine Nicole Hernandez
Technical Project Manager

Jerine is an Emergency Registered Nurse at North York General Hospital in Toronto, Canada. Working in a highly acute setting has honed on her ability to deal with and manage high stress situations effectively.

Having worked in the field for many years, she has begun to question the lack of technology currently being leveraged within healthcare, and aims to fill that gap.

At Hero AI, Jerine not only manages our development cycles, she ensures patients and providers are at the heart of everything we build.

Brian Lynch
Co-Founder & COO

Brian Lynch has 12 years of experience leading data science transformations in the banking industry where he has operationalized solutions targeted at fraud reduction, loss mitigation, operational improvements and customer acquisition and engagement. He has led broad cross functional teams, with a focus on attracting, engaging and retaining a diverse set of top talent while delivering results that make the banking experience more comfortable for customers.

Brian's work in the healthcare space was motivated by the birth of his son. While he has been fortunate to receive excellent care, Brian strives to make pediatric practices easier for patients, families and care providers through machine learning in order to make world class pediatric care accessible to everyone.

Brian has graduated with honours from the Economics program at the University of Western and has completed a Masters of Management Analytics from Queens University.

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