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Transform care. Save lives.

Meet Hero AI. One of the World's Most Customizable AI Platforms for Healthcare.

No two hospitals are the same. So why are we using one size fits all technologies? 

Easily adapt our clinical automation modules and deploy them to fully customizable, real-time AI powered dashboards, web-apps, and mobile apps.

  • Customizations take a few hours to days, not weeks to months! 

  • Empower your team to be creative and solve problems rapidly with clinical automation pathways

Hero AI's Customizable AI Powered Dashboards for Healthcare

A plug & play experience with an ability to continuously iterate & customize at massive scale. 


Hero AI continuously monitors your emergency department waiting room in real-time to ensure high-risk patients are never left waiting too long.


  • Automate the detection of high-risk medical and surgical patients based on vital signs, past medical history, demographic details, and free text clinical notes. 

  • Alerts are sent to the provider facing mobile Beacon App with easy to customize user interfaces.  

  • Built-in encrypted chat sandboxed to each alert allows for seamless care coordination.

  • Automate advocacy for vulnerable patient groups such as those with autism, acute mental health crisis, and many other custom scenarios.

Rapidly target & improve on institutional KPIs & quality performance metrics. 

Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 4.49.58 PM.png
Hero AI's Patient Facing Beacon App provides patients with a personalized dashboard that is automatically generated for them based on their real-time electronic health record data.

Personalized Patient Dashboard

Envision a new reality where your patients are no longer in the dark. Our system provides real-time situational awareness, revealing the current pulse of the ED. This is more than just transparency; it's empowering your patients, transforming their waiting experience by engaging them with the realities of ED operations.

  • Patients can easily access a personalized dashboard tailored specific to them via the Beacon App.

  • Our AI uses streaming EHR data (patient past history, triage notes, vital signs, and ED flow data) to instantly generate a customized digital experience. 

  • Patients see wait-times, position in queue, how busy the ED is and gain access to a digital inbox. 

Empowering Patients

Enhance patient situational awareness, reduce nursing interruptions, and reduce patient stress.

Digital Patient Inbox

We are bringing a human touch to technology, reshaping the ED landscape, and revolutionizing patient care. Hero AI continuously maps exactly where patients are within their ED journey and automates the delivery of context specific information to patients. 

  • Deliver personalized health education content to patients based on their triage data so they can improve health literacy while waiting.

  • Enhance patient awareness and provide a sense of progression while waiting with automated communications triggered by both timestamp data and clinical data (orders, tests, medications, etc.). ​

Hero AI's Patient Facing Beacon App provides patients with a digital inbox that receives customizable, AI generated, personalized alerts. Patients receive context specific information based on streaming electronic health record data elevating their care experience in a way never seen before.

Patient Link

Using the Beacon app, healthcare providers can connect directly with patients through the use of beacon messages. Beacons are Hero AI’s method for sending rich interactive communications to patients. Once a patient reviews/interacts with a beacon an automated message is sent back to the provider to close the loop.

  • Any EHR data point or AI model can be used to trigger sending patients custom automation beacons. Just think of the potential to engage your patients, drive situational awareness, and unlock the creativity of your care teams! 

  • Customizations take hours to days - not weeks to months! Iterate fast and deliver the care your patients need! 

Beacons are rich, interactive,
AI powered communications between patients & providers

Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 10.50.09 PM.png

AI-Powered Dashboards & Operational Alerts

Supercharge Your Clinical Operations!

Additional Modules

Reach out today to learn about our platform modules!


Patient Reported
Outcome Metrics

Patient demographic details, free text triage notes, and any other EHR data points can be used to identify specific patients and automate sending beacon messages to collect clinical patient data such as pain scale scores or to facilitate research surveys. 

Custom algorithms are rapidly built to trigger sending patient reported metric beacons in an automated way. 


AI Powered 
Research Automation

Easily customizable automation algorithms are used to detect if patients meet enrolment criteria for research studies and automatically notifies research teams. 


Can automate sending patients information about research studies relevant to them based on their EHR and demographic data. 


Lighthouse Real-Time
Database API

Our Lighthouse API is designed to supercharge the capabilities of your data science and machine learning core teams.


This is a secure API that enables developers access to near real-time streaming ED data allowing for the creation of novel machine learning models. Data governance, privacy, encryption, and security is built-in!​



You own all IP on any novel AI models built using your data. 

Welcome to a new era of collaboration and innovation. Our Hero AI team, a blend of machine learning data scientists and MLOps engineers, is ready to partner with you. We will work hand-in-hand with your data science and clinical teams to unlock the power of AI and create transformative machine learning algorithms. No data science team? No problem. We engage with your clinical champions, fostering creativity and driving innovation in care. 

With Hero AI, you can commercialize your AI, extending its reach to external sites. Our platform becomes your platform, and you receive royalties that not only ensure sustainability but also enhance your return on investment. This isn't just progress; it's a revolution in healthcare technology.


Meet Our Key Partners & Clients


The Hospital for Sick Children


IWK Health Halifax




Vector Institute


We invest in great people. 

People who are on a mission to change healthcare for the better. 


People who put patient impact before ego. 


People who enjoy challenging yet rewarding work. 


People who love to celebrate as a team. 


If this is you, reach out! 

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